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Our Awareness Program

Our Awareness Campaign is designed to bring awareness to your stock without hype or touting. 


We do the following for our Awareness Clients:

  • Send all Company sourced press releases to our database.
  • We write two unique blog posts about your Company during the week. These also go to our database.
  • We publish all client news releases to our BoldStocks.com website.
  • We publish our blog posts about your Company on our website.
  • If management does an interview on another website, we will publish either the press release about that interview or a brief blog post of our own linking to that interview.

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t publish third party press releases about client companies.
  • We don’t publish paid research about our client companies.
  • We don’t do “trade alerts” noting a momentum in the stock.
  • We publish nothing with a “price target.”

Our lists are double-opt in and are collected exclusively on our website and through advertising that drives people to sign-up on a landing page for Bold Stocks Alerts.

No long term contracts. We ONLY ebill monthly as that works best for all concerned.

Updated September 1, 2019

Rates stay flat for prepaid or continuous add-on months for as long as there is no hiatus. 


Contact Bold Stocks

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Email: John@BoldStocks.com

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