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Public Company Investor Relations Services


Customized To What Your Company Needs

Every Public Company is different. We know that. Your specific needs from external companies varies based on the talents that you already have in-house.

Let’s talk about what your needs are!

  • Press Releases – All stages of preparation
  • Make us your Investor Relations Contact
  • Investor Relations Communication Plans
  • Answer Investor Phone Calls
  • Answer Investor Emails
  • Full Investor Relations Plan
  • Write Web Content
  • Write Investor Presentations
  • Create Graphic Presentations for Investors
  • And So Much More!


Let Us Write & Submit Press Releases For You!

We are writers. We have written THOUSANDS of press releases and detailed blog posts for our public company clients over the years. 

You’re too busy. This is what we do best!

How It Works:

  • It works how YOU want it to, but typically…
  • We discuss what you want in an upcoming press release
  • We draft a release and send it securely just to you
  • We discuss it, make any changes
  • We then give you a final version to review
  • If the final version works, we submit it to the news wire of your choice in your account to be released at just the right time.

We take all of those wire service confirmation phone calls. Missing one can mean that your press release is delayed. We don’t let that happen!

Let’s talk if this is a service you need!

The Bold Stocks Database:

The Bold Stocks Email Database:

Our Email Database includes only those that sign-up on our website. Every email that we send after the sign-up includes an unsubscribe link. We don’t share our database with anyone. The only client content we allow for sending to our database are press release that the client company itself has published. All other posts are written by our Publisher or staff, including what we write about our clients.

Our Posts Come Up as Notifications via Chrome:

Many don’t realize how important this is, but we have many that visit our website in the seconds or minutes after any “post” on our website. This is NOT sent by email, but is generated by Google’s Chrome Browser.

Web Development for Public Companies:

Our Team Creates Great Websites at Low Prices!

Ways We Can Help Public Companies:

  • Your Primary Website
  • Product or Services Websites
  • Your IR Website
  • Creating Forms and Automated Systems to Gather Leads from Your Website

Social Media Management for Public Companies:

Many Public Companies are great at social media, but they have limited time

We know that you need regular posts to social media that are ongoing and happen with little or none of your time being wasted. You want to know that posts in your name happen on several platforms and you want those done at a reasonable cost.


We Can Be Your IR Contact for Investors

If you don’t have enough time to take phone calls from investors, our team can become your Investor Relations Contact.

When this happens, we either take calls live or return them within 24 hours. We speak as IR for the client, so we know what can and cannot be shared.

We have CEO references where we have done this many times before. 

Let’s talk if this is something you need. 

Contact Form For Immediate Attention: