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Public Companies Need Facebook Business Pages

Like we say above, every public company needs a Facebook Business page. If yours does not have one, you need to get one. We make it simple.

Here’s just how simple we make it:

  • Flat rate of (CONTACT US FOR RATES) to set it up – no extra costs
  • 60 day management of the page included
  • No extra charge to integrate into your existing website. Auto posts to Twitter is also included. 
  • You are made the owner and administrator of the page. We drop the owner role immediately after we are paid so that you never have to fight anyone to own your page. 

Here’s what’s included in the Facebook Presence Deal: 

Facebook Business Page Setup – This includes setting up the header, images, pages, reviews (if you want), videos (if you have any) and more.

  • Specific pages about your products or services. 
  • A public company news page with recent press releases and a link for a live quote. Note that there are “live news” add-ons that can be added, they are from third parties and they are pricy. More importantly, we find that many stop working at times as Facebook makes frequent changes. 
  • SEC Filings – As with live news, live filings has been hit and miss on Facebook. Facebook changes the rules on how such content is integrated. You are better off having a link to SEC filings on your webside or on Edger rather than hosting on the website. However, if you want these to show, these can be manually added very easily. Utimately, they’re PDF’s so they are still a link. 
  • Integration to your website and other social media – We can connect Facebook to your website, both ways. Posts on your website and autopost to Facebook. Facebook can show live on your website. We can make Facebook autopost to other social media as well. Each works differently, and we know the best way to do it. 
  • Once this is setup and approved, we add you as a full administrator / owner. If you want to solely own the page, we delete ourselves. 

Also Included: 

  • All setup costs as long as you supply the pictures of your business. We can supply licensed stock photos for generic aspects of the business. 
  • Two months of posting about your business. We know you’re a public company and we are experts at knowing what is public and what is not. We run all posts by you as a draft for consideration. You can also supply us with what you want posted. 
  • 60 Days Support for any changes without any added fees. 
  • Cost: – Contact us for rates
    (Not a dime extra, as we want to earn and keep your social media business in the future)
  • After 60 days, you can decide if you want us to do social media posting for you. After that, check out our Social Media Marketing page for how we can help you in an ongoing basis!

We make it SIMPLE! Let us help you!


Let’s Discuss Your Need for a Facebook Business Page!


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