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Our Facebook Program for Public Companies

The Details:

  • The rate is always just $299 per month. The first two months are paid up front, then it’s monthly after that.
  • Limited time to sign-up as this is an introductory offer. If the offer is live on our website, it’s still available.
  • No Contracts! You continue as long as you want to continue.
  • There’s no charge to setup your Business Facebook if you don’t have it setup, as part of this deal – no extra costs
  • Management of the Facebook Business Page is included
  • Auto posts to Twitter is also included. 
  • You are made the owner and administrator of the page. We drop the owner role immediately after we are paid so that you never have to fight anyone to own your page. 
  • A public company news page on Facebook with all new press releases posted. We link off to your choice of sites for a live quote and SEC filings. If you have those on your website, we link to those two pages.

What do we post? 

  • We do two posts weekly on your Facebook.
  • One is usually specifically about your company.
  • The other is generally about your industry, written with your company in mind.
  • All your company press releases are included as posts, but do not count as one of the two posts.
  • If a third party press release comes out about your company, we will post that for no charge. That, too, is not counting against your post count. Examples of these might be an interview with the CEO or an analyst report about the company you are comfortable having on your Facebook page.
  • We are happy to post anything you want on Facebook at anytime. You can send us shareholder Letters or messages from the company to post to Facebook anytime. We will put them right up.

We Make it Simple! 

Let’s Discuss Your Need for a Facebook Business Page!


Call: 972-292-8930

Email: JP@BoldStocks.com

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