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Our Awareness Program

Our Awareness Campaign is designed to bring awareness to your stock without hype or touting. 

We do the following for our Awareness Clients:

  • Send all Company sourced press releases to our database.
  • We write two unique blog posts about your Company during the week. These also go to our database.
  • We publish all client news releases to our BoldStocks.com website.
  • We publish our blog posts about your Company on our website.
  • If management does an interview on another website, we will publish either the press release about that interview or a brief blog post of our own linking to that interview.

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t publish third party press releases about client companies.
  • We don’t publish paid research about our client companies.
  • We don’t do intraday “trade alerts” noting a momentum in the stock. Any comments on momentum are only published or emailed when the market is closed.
  • We publish nothing with a “price target.”

Our lists are double-opt in and are collected exclusively on our website and through advertising that drives people to sign-up on a landing page for Bold Stocks Alerts.

No long term contracts. We ONLY ebill monthly as that works best for all concerned.

The Details:

Updated September 1, 2019


  • First Month – including initial set-up: – Contact us for rates
  • Each Month after that:  – Contact us for rates
  • Continuing with Press Releases only for Successive Months: – Contact us for rates
    (Maximum 3x per week – source only from the public company – not available except as a continuation of a full program. Limited availability if we have full programs.)


  • Contact us for details

Contact Bold Stocks

Telephone: (972) 292-8930

Email: John@BoldStocks.com

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