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Awareness with Social Media Management

This is not 2005, so the “awareness” programs of the past no longer are effective or even legal. What we have created here has come from years of work in investor relations and awareness campaigns.

What’s required for 2019 and beyond is the commitment to doing this in a positive way for investors, the client public company and regulators. Ultimately we know that as management of a public company or as a capital group that raises money for public companies, you understand that awareness has to be done right. This IS the right way to do it.

Overview of What We Do:

We work from information that is in the public domain to bring awareness to your public company. Remember, we have years of experience in this area and we understand what is public and what is non-public.

We combine these two areas:

  1. Our BoldStocks Database and Our Website Audience
  2. YOUR COMPANY Social Media Accounts. Yes, you read correctly. We will do Social Media Management of your public company’s social media accounts. (More on that below.)

We Do Social Media Management for Your Public Company

You NEED to keep investors and other interested parties aware that you are an operating company with a lot going on, and you need to do that in a way that does not cost you a fortune and does not take up the time you normally spend managing your business. 

Our alternative is to operate your social media as The Company. We don’t “break news” or give away any non-public information. Twice weekly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn we publish a post/tweet/pin (each social media has a different name for it) on your behalf as “The Company.”

One of the two posts is something about your business that is a reiteration of what is known. We generally pick something that lets everyone know that you’re still doing what you have said you’re doing. 

Most public companies go through feast and famine when it comes to posting to their social media. While a CEO might get on a roll for a few months, eventually the business demands take precedence. Also, everyone has a personal life.

We step in and make that social media commitment presence on-going without fail. This doesn’t replace you. This is in addition to what you post.

We post to the network you use and the networks you should be on.

These include…

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Other Social Media Networks – We can do any you need!

We never “engage” those that reply or comment. Like we said above, we’ve been working with public companies and their investors since 2003. We know that a simple and public “conversation” can end up revealing public information accidentally. We will make you as CEO aware of any comments that might need an answer. You can either answer those directly or we can input the exact answer or reply you choose. This is always the best way to handle this.


The Bold Stocks Database Portion of This Program:

Like we said above, this is not 2005. We are not out to “tout” or “hype” your stock. We are out to give out accurate information to our database and our web audience. When we owned StockGuru.com, the database was the big story. We could significantly move a stock by simply sending one email out to just a portion of our list. That’s one of the reasons we left the aggressive promotional side of the awareness business. We realized that too much of what some might think is a “good thing” can be detrimental in the long run.

With each client we work with, we always put ourselves in the minds of those current investors who hold stock and believe in this company. We want to do right by those investors. We also put ourselves in the minds of those that are considering buying shares of stock in this company. We don’t want to “spin” information in a way that might influence them to make a decision based on anything other than true reality.

With this in mind, we don’t send any momentum alerts or other comments on how the stock is trading during market hours. During market hours we will only send out press releases. We don’t step in at the end of the market day with any kind of alert to try to influence the close.

A Typical Week for a Client Company Covered on Our Database:

We write two blogs about the client company that we send to the database pre-market twice during the week. These are also posted on our website. These blogs are often similar to what is posted on your social media by us. If we ever discuss how the stock is trading or how it could potentially be undervalued, it would be in these.

We ONLY take on three or four awareness clients monthly. The reason for this is that we can only send out two emails to our database pre-market. They each take about an hour to send.

Client news is sent to the database during the first hour or two of the market day. We ask that you let us know WHEN news is coming. We always pull the content of the news from the wire service as we all know that press releases change, even in the final newswire editor call minutes before release. If a news release is particularly important, we can swap out the “blog” send with your news send. We then edit the blog send to not have any information that we don’t like to send during a live trading day.

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